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   CiXi JinXin Sealing Co.,Ltd. is located in the beautiful Hangzhou bay bank. North  to the Hangzhou bay cross sea bridge, south to the Han-yong highway, near to 329 federal highways, distanced to Ningbo 60 kilometers, the transportation facilitates extremely.
   Our company was founded in 1996, was engaged in the sealing development, the research, the production, the trade is always a body substantive enterprise. Has the high quality product, wins the domestic and foreign customers the presence
sealing products£º
   Spiral Wound Gasket¡¢Metal Jacketed Gasket¡¢octagonal gasket¡¢oval gasket¡¢Serrated Gasket¡¢Corrugated Metal Gasket£¬cooper gasket¡¢aluminium gasket¡¢metal joint gasket¡¢reinforced graphite gasket¡¢Cylinder Head Gasket¡£Non Serrated static sealing products£ºPtfe Envelope Gasket¡¢PTFE Envelope Gasket¡¢strength graphite gasket¡¢non strength graphite gasket¡¢strength graphite gasket¡¢rubber gasket¡£
   Die-formed Ring¡¢Reinforced Graphite ¡°V¡± Type and Flat  TYPE  Filler in Tower ¨Csealing Filler in Tower¡¢Graphite Filler ring¡¢PTFE Envelope Gasket ¡°Flat¡±Type and¡°V¡±Type Filler in Tower¡¢Carbonized Fiber Filler in Tower¡¢Asbestos Reinforced  Filler in Tower¡¢graphite packing  Filler in Tower.
Packing products£º
   Die-formed packing¡¢Graphite packing¡¢Graphite rubber packing¡¢Reinforced Graphite¡¢Ptfe acking¡¢GFO Ptfe acking¡¢graphite packing ring£¨home-made import£©¡¢graphite ptfe packing¡¢graphite Carbonized Fiber packing¡£
Gasket Sheet products£º
   Asbestos Gasket Sheet£¨high-express¡¢medium-express¡¢low-express£©¡¢resist- oil  Asbestos rubber Gasket Sheetreinforced asbestos sheet¡¢expanded graphite sheet¡¢reinforced graphite sheet¡£
tower filler
   Rectangle and Saddle ¡¢Ball Ring¡¢Ladder Ring¡¢metal conjugate ring¡¢plastic Ball Ring¡¢plastic Ladder Ring¡¢plastic Rectangle and Saddle¡¢Metal Orifice Plate Ripple Filling¡¢plastic Hollow Polyhedron Ball¡¢plastic conjugate ring¡¢plastic Haier Ring ¡¢plastic Tailor Floral Hoop¡£
cloth ,yarn
   Expanded Graphite Yarn¡¢AsbestosYam¡¢Graphite yarn ¡¢non-dust asbestos cloth¡¢asbestos cloth¡¢graphite cloth¡¢Fiber glass tape ¡£
Company objective: "The quality first, the prestige is supreme", strives for perfection, to argue vigorously first-class, Won the world first-class famous brand goods.

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